• We Have Rebranded The FundInvoice Website

    We have rebranded the FundInvoice website.

    We have rebranded the FundInvoice website - we would be interested to hear what you think.

    FundInvoice Website Rebranded

    We thought it was time to update the look of our site, but we didn't want to go for wholesale changes that would mean we need to change all the content. So we came up with this revised look and feel, building on the existing structure. We like it, it seems cleaner and more professional.

    We have started to change the imagery, starting with our home page. Type fonts and our colour scheme have been updated, with some colour changes to our existing logo. It seems to have been well-received, with some positive comments received.

    Increased Speed

    An added bonus is that we have upgraded our hosting and made some changes so that the site now runs lightning fast, good new for our customers that are looking for increased speed.

    You can still apply for a market-wide invoice finance quote search using the form on this page.

    Other Developments

    We have put a lot of effort into developing our site recently. Earlier this year we embedded an invoice finance application app, directly into our site. It allows customers to get an invoice finance approval decision in just 60 seconds, based on 8 simple questions.

    We have also updated our business finance info pack (our brochure), which now reflects our new colour scheme and is available for download in a PDF format.

    Customers can apply via FundInvoice or direct to a wide range of invoice finance companies via the site. We have automated processes in place that funnel applications direct to funders that are selected by our customers.

    Over the last few months, in the wake of the pandemic, we have added a lot of new resources to help support businesses that are struggling. We have forged new relationships with funders that will take a sympathetic view regarding businesses that are in difficulty. We have also published a free business turnaround guide, which includes ideas about how to survive a financial crisis.

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