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    Back in the summer we met with Sue Walton, the CEO of the Pestalozzi children's charity, in Sedlescombe. They do some fantastic work, funding the eduction of exceptional students from all over the world. In fact, they fund not just education but everything for these children. The children often arrive from war torn countries, without even the basics, such as shoes.

    Pestalozzi Charity Donations

    Pestalozzi also struggle to raise the amount of money they need, as other charities often often take priority in people's minds. I had a conversation with someone I know the other day regarding the charity that they will be choosing to support through a club they have become an official for. St Michaels Hospice was to be the beneficiary, another excellent organisation who looked after my Dad in his last months. However, Pestalozzi didn't feature on the shortlist and I thought that they could have a higher profile that reflects all the good work that they are doing.


    My background is in marketing so I was asked, back in the summer, to take a look at their newsletter and their website, from a marketing perspective. Whilst I cannot profess to be an web SEO expert, I have put together some key points that stood out to me about their website and fed those back. As a non-financial donation.

    Talk About Entrepreneurs

    Helping EntrepreneursThey also suggested that their students might be interested to hear more about "entrepreneurs". When I see the word "entrepreneur" I think of Lord Sugar and Sir Richard Branson, rather than myself. But I guess that all of the UK's 5.4 million business have been created by an entrepreneur of some kind. It's only the top 0.02% that we ever hear about i.e. the 1,000 most financially successful entrepreneurs.

    So, I have put together a few key points that I think have helped me along the way, and I will be sharing those with the students this evening.

    This is a full write up of my talk on Entrepreneurs to the Pestalozzi students.

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