• Only 0.03% Of ABFA Clients Escalated To Ombudsman Process In A Year

    According to the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association ) website, the Ombudsman complaints escalation process handled only 13 complaints during its first year. The Ombudsman process was established just over a year ago to deal with complaints from the 43,000 clients of its members. Apparently only 13 complaints, over the course of an entire year, reached the Ombudsman procedure, and of those 6 were upheld with 2 being partially upheld.

    13 complaints represents just 0.03% of the clients under the umbrella of the ABFA needing to resort to that process over the course of a year.

    A fantastic endorsement of the invoice finance industry and the service provided by ABFA members.

    Source: https://www.abfa.org.uk/news/61/Professional-Standards-body-for-asset-based-finance-reports-on-first-year-of-Standards-Framework

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