• More Uncertainty For UK Businesses Due to Hung Parliament & Greek Economic Issues

    The uncertainty for UK businesses has multiplied yet again with the news of a hung parliament in the 2010 UK general election. With no one party being able to command a majority in the house of commons the prospects seem remote that there will be a stable alliance formed although its obviously too early to tell for sure - the likelyhood is that the UK will face another general election in the near future.

    That uncertainty comes at the same time as the issues with the Greek economy threaten to spread to other European economies, adding fuel to the fire of economic uncertainty that seems to have dogged us for so long now.

    UK businesses are going to have to brace themselves for a further period of instability and prepare themselves to weather the economic storms that seem to be getting ever closer. Those that followed our previous advice and got their cash flow in order and properly financed in advance may soon be well placed to capitalise on that prudent action - those that have not may find the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

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