• Getting Innovation, Design & New Inventions to Market

    I have just had a fascinating meeting with someone who has come up with a brilliant, innovative new invention. Like so many inventions it was born of personal necessity but as with so many "inventors" he is stuck at the design stage, faced with either having to trust a business to develop his idea for him or trying to negotiate the complexity, and expense, of patent law himself.

    There are so many good ideas out there that never get to market because the inventors lack the knowledge, money or connections to progress them.

    If the new UK government is serious about supporting businesses we need a process whereby inventors with viable marketable concepts are protected and supported in progressing their ideas and inventions. A manuscript is protected under copyright law as soon as it is created - the same protection is required for inventions so that the inventor can pursue funding from industry without having to worry about their ideas being taken.

    Maybe this one will end up on Drangon's Den!

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