• Free Research To Support Your Public Relations Press Releases

    You are welcome to use our #research results, with prior approval, free of charge to support your public relations press releases and online material providing you attribute the research to: "Glenn Blackman" and give a follow link to our blog: https://www.fundinvoice.co.uk/blog/blog.html

    Sometimes its difficult to know what to write about if you write a blog or use the other social networking media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. using market research results as a basis or supplement for your online articles, posts and tweets can be a good way of adding weight to what you are writing.

    Most of our material is published on this blog. We focus on invoice finance related matters but that includes a great deal of general interest material such as projected growth rates, funding requirements etc. If you need something specific please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    HTML code for such an attributed link would be as follows:

    <p>Research results provided by: <a href=https://www.fundinvoice.co.uk/blog/blog.html class="newwin">Glenn Blackman</a>.</p>

    If you use any aspect of our research results you should not state or imply any support, recommendation or endorsement of your organisation or your material by Glenn Blackman. We reserve the right to withold consent for the use of our material at our absolute discretion.

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