• Apologies To Some Invoice Finance Quote Enquiries

    We have to apologise to half a dozen businesses that recently requested invoice finance quotes via our site, and didn't receive an immediate reply. We normally seek to respond within an hour, and we also respond at weekends and during holiday periods (as we did just this past weekend).

    Invoice Finance Quote

    Unfortunately the issue was a technical one, whereby a change in our web hosting set up seems to have affected a small number of the advisory emails that we receive when a customer makes an online enquiry for a quote from one of our funding partners, via one specific form on our website.

    The effect of the change was that the HTML formatted email came through with all the code showing, rather than just the application data neatly formatted - as was previously the case. Because of this, we wrongly assumed these emails were from spammers trying to paste HTML code into one of our web forms, and that led us to overlook half a dozen applications, until we identified the issue yesterday.

    The Problem Is Solved

    The good news is we know its just a formatting problem now, so we can work around the problem in the short term, and our technical people are looking at a solution as we speak.

    This technical issue coincides with a particularly busy period, where we seem to be receiving much increased volumes of enquiries, which is great to see.

    Request An Invoice Finance Quote

    If you would like an invoice finance quote please use the green application form on this page, or you can call Sean direct on 03330 113622 and he will be more than happy to get you whatever prices you need.

    If you are looking for more information before you go further, please see our free guide to invoice finance. This sets out how the products are structured, how the pricing works and we have plenty of examples of the pricing, and how it compares between providers, available online. The key thing is that you need to make us aware of your circumstances in order to be able to understand the specific price that would apply to your particular business.

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