• 28% Average Receivables Finance Cost Savings

    We have achieved average 28% cost savings on receivables finance for our clients.

    Over the last couple of years, we have found 28% average receivables finance cost savings for our clients when compared with factoring or invoice discounting quotes that they have received from elsewhere.

    28% Average Receivables Finance Cost Savings

    An important part of what we do is trying to beat the rates that customers have been quoted elsewhere. To measure our performance we take regular benchmarks to see how we are doing.

    We have recently conducted a review, taking account of the last 2 years prospects up to November 2020. We have identified cases where prices were quoted elsewhere e.g. the customer already had a quote(s), and we calculated the percentage that we were able to save the customer. We then averaged that percentage across all the clients where we were in price competition.

    The result was that we have achieved average cost savings of 28% for our clients, saved on quotes sourced elsewhere.

    This research means that if you already have a quote from a receivables finance company (for factoring or invoice discounting), or if you are already using a facility - it is highly likely that we will be able to save you a significant amount of money.

    We have relationships with a broad range of funders, so we are able to conduct a market-wide quote search for our clients, and it is this process that achieves the cost savings.

    Other Facility Improvements

    Of course, it is not just about making cost savings for customers. We also use our network to find other facility improvements. These might include increased funding levels, reduced security requirements, improved service levels and funding for customers that present a poor credit risk to traditional lenders. Making a cost-saving is often the icing on the cake when a client has struggled to find the finance that they require. We aim to deliver on all fronts. Feel free to challenge us to find cost savings against your receivables finance quotes.

    Updated cost savings post-publication: Invoice finance cost savings found.

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