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    Accepting FundInvoice's Terms And Conditions.

    FundInvoice have always been keen to ensure that customers have a clear understanding of what to expect and how we will handle their data. We have always had a simple set of Customer Terms & Conditions posted on our website. and all applications or contact request forms have been subject to those terms. Indeed I think we were one of the first brokers to state or terms on our site and we were certainly amongst the first to have agreements in place with all of our funding partners.


    Acceptance Of Our Terms & Conditions

    To continue in that spirit of open and honest communication with customers, we have now taken the step of adding confirmed acceptance of our terms and conditions to all application and contact forms on our site. This change applies to all forms on this site, including those that request a call back, or make a full application. It also applies to our response links which customers can you to directly request a call back, or a quote from our invoice finance partners.

    It means that customers have to confirm their acceptance of our terms in order to be able to submit a contact request or facility application. I am confident that our terms are so simple that everyone would accept them, but we wanted to give customers a clear choice prior to processing their data and dealing with their applications.

    This step was partly in response to a growing number of funders that rightly require explicit confirmation that your have the customer's consent to pass on any personal data that is provided.

    Data Protection Confirmation

    With growing awareness of data protection rights in particular, we thought it was best to add this simple step so that there is a clear acceptance of our terms included in the contact process. In particular, we wanted explicit confirmation from customers that they are happy for us to pass on any data that they provide to our funding partners, in order to arrange the facilities that they are requesting. We are aware that most businesses have no issue with data being handled in this way, but we wanted to take the most cautious approach and ensure that there was an explicit agreement from customers.

    See our: Privacy Policy.

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