• Need A 100K Business Loan?

    What could you do with a cash injection of £100,000 into your business?

    That is exaclty the kind of business loans that we have recently secured for clients, and that level of funding is far more available than you might think.

    You could use that money within your business for almost any purpose that you wish.

    Need A £100K Loan?

    £100K is a lot of money, and you could put it to good use within your company. Some of the possible uses could include:

    • Purchasing stock - this could be in readiness for expansion or maybe you could purchase larger volumes, at discounted rates in order to push up your margins. If you had that kind of capital at your disposal you could seek to secure discounts for cash payments, rather than taking a credit period.

    • Funding the acquisition of another business - this could boost the turnover and profitability of your company. In many cases the acquisition of another business results in being able to reduce overheads by sharing them with the existing organisation. This can release more profit to the bottom line of the the acquisition target. Often an acquisition is a good way of achieving a step change in terms of growth.

    • Marketing, promotion and PR - maybe you could put some of that budget into improving and expanding your marketing and PR? You could look at advertising campaigns, rebranding or boosting your online presence through a revamp of your website and SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimisation).

    • New equipment & refurbishments - perhaps you need to update your equipment or pay for premises refurbishments. Updating the looks of a business such as a restaurant could help boost your appeal to customers and help grow your income.

    • Settling creditors & HMRC debt - if you have outstanding VAT, tax or other creditor debt you may need the money to give you a fresh start.

    There are many other purposes that you could use that money for, please speak to us about what you need, and we will see what can be found for you, without any obligation for you to go ahead. Please call Sean on 03330 113622 in complete confidence for a friendly chat about finding you a business loan.

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