• Advances Against Government Funding Instalments With Education Finance

    Education finance provides advances against your government funding instalments so that you don't have to wait to get paid before you make expenditure. You can use those funds immediately boosting your working capital position and ironing out the lumpy nature of cash flow in the education sector.

    Advances Against Government Funding Instalments

    Waiting for the Government to pay your funding instalments can cause cash flow pressures for organisations within the education sector. Education sector finance is a kind of specialist funding that puts you in control of when you receive your payments, instead of having ot wait between instalments of your annual budget. It can smooth your cash flow so you can better manage your payments for expenditure, and invest when you need to.

    You only pay for what you use so there are no minimum monthly fees to worry about.

    The funding is calculated against your annual payment profile for the whole year, so you can get funding up front i.e. advances, to be able to:

    • Arrange courses.
    • Purchase new equipment.
    • Take on new staff.

    Education Finance

    Education finance provides advances against government funding and can be provided to:

    • Help smooth out the lumps in your cash flow.
    • Allow you to invest in special projects.
    • Enable you to fund growth in demand.
    • Put you in control of your annual budget.

    Organisations That We Can Help

    These specialist funders are able to help a wide range of organisations within the education services sector, including:

    • Colleges.
    • Training providers - including independent training companies.
    • Apprenticeships providers.
    • Higher education and Universities.
    • Further education.

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