• Does Your Invoice Finance Company Still Want You?

    Has your invoice finance company asked you to leave?Does your invoice finance provider still appreciate your business?

    You may think that sounds like a ridiculous question - surely the purpose of any invoice finance company is to gain clients and hold onto them, so they must appreciate each and every one? That is not always the case.

    Invoice Finance Companies Asking Clients To Leave

    These are previous articles about clients that are no longer wanted by their providers:

    Going Global Should Be A Positive

    Well we have just come across this again, with another invoice finance company.

    This case concerned a medium sized recruitment company that no longer fitted the size and nature of business criteria of their invoice finance company. The provider has looking to target larger deals, and also as the location of their debtors was changing from European to global, so the provider wanted them to seek alternative facilities. You would have thought that the prospect of taking your business global, outside of Europe, would have been seen as a positive. However, it was not something that this provider felt able to support.

    Alternative Providers That Will Appreciate Your Business

    As we have said many times before, different providers have different criteria. In fact, no two are the same. So we have been able to find alternatives. It is just a sad situation that some companies are being told they no longer fit the invoice finance company's criteria, especially within a market where it is tough to attract and win new business.

    We Can Help You

    If you have been told that you no longer meet your invoice finance company's criteria, don't panic. Give us a call and we will introduce you to a range of providers that are very much "open for business" and ready to bring a "can do" attitude to any funding situation. If your business is not appreciated by your current provider, there are others that will appreciate you!

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