• App Based Invoice Finance - Investec Intelligent Cashflow

    App based invoice finance - Investec Intelligent Cashflow from Investec Capital.If you are looking for App based invoice finance, Investec Intelligent Cashflow could be the answer that you are seeking.


    Investec Intelligent Cashflow - App Based Invoice Finance

    Investec Intelligent Cashflow, is provided by Investec Capital Solutions It is a high tech platform, and dedicated account management service, that allows users to access funding through invoice finance 24/7.

    Automatic Invoice Upload

    This secure service is simple to set up, Investec send you a link, you click on it - and their software does the rest. It connects seamlessly with your existing accounting system (so you don't have to change accounting packages) and automatically uploads and reconciles, details of your sales invoices to the platform.

    Immediate Update Of Available Funds

    That upload updates the funds available to you immediately, giving you fast access to cash - without having to wait around for invoices to be processed.

    You can access the system via a desktop, mobile app or tablet around the clock, 7 days a week, to get a view of your account and to arrange to receive funding.


    The facility is confidential, so customers are unaware that you use it, and you continue to remain in control of your relationships with them. You retain control of your sales ledger management and credit control activity.

    Mobile App

    The mobile app allows you to get immediate visibility of your account, and to arrange the drawdown of funds from your availability. Being a mobile App, you can do this from wherever you are.

    Dedicated Account Management

    If you need to speak to experienced and entrepreneurial decision makers about your account, you have access to a dedicated account manager who will be able to help you.

    Investec Capital Solutions are members of UK Finance, the trade association for the UK banking and finance sector. Investec were winners of the 2017 Business Moneyfacts award for Innovation In The SME Finance Sector, and they were Commended for Best Service From An Invoice Finance Provider in 2018.

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