• What Is The Invoice Finance Sales Process?

    The sales process involved with being approved for an invoice finance facility, such as factoring or invoice discounting, can vary between different providers. A generic overview of the process would be as follows: 1) Initial contact, normally by phone. 2) Meeting with a Sales representative. This will normally involve general discussion about your business and what you need. 3) Survey - this may be combined with the sales visit, as the some sales people can also conduct surveys. The survey is a detailed review of your business sales ledger and other records. 4) Documents - normally a formal offer letter and legal agreement that you sign if you wish to proceed. You should take legal advice regarding this step. 5) Take-on - this can be conducted by post in some cases but often involves a visit to pick up the existing sales ledger of the business. In some cases the sales ledger can be uploaded electronically. The entire process can be completed within just a few days if necessary.

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