• Selective Invoice Discounting - Select The Invoices You Want Cash Against

    Selective invoice discounting has been available in some industry sectors for a long time but one of our invoice finance partners has recently launched a selective invoice discounting service which is available to small businesses within a wide range of different industry sectors.

    Selective invoice discounting allows the business using the facility to pick and choose which invoices they want to receive an initial payment against (typically up to 85% of the value of the selected invoice with the balance paid - less charges - when the customer pays). There are no minimum annual charges to worry about so the business has complete freedom to select individual invoices to discount when they need to release some cash.

    The business then retains control of their own credit control function and this can help maintain their relationships with their customers.

    A business can raise cash for any purpose, as and when they choose, using selective invoice discounting.

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