• Invoice Finance Can Help New Starts & High Growth But Most Can't Access Funding

    Looking back over two recent surveys one of 100 new start businesses and our most recent survey of 100 high growth businesses (20%+ pa) and there are a number of interesting similarities. Both segments, new starts and high growth companies are ideal for invoice finance funding such as factoring & invoice discounting but in both cases the vast majority of companies don't find their way to invoice finance and the reasons they give are quite similar:

    Why 96% of New Starts Didn't
    Consider Invoice Finance
    Why 84% of High Growth Companies
    Didn?t Consider Invoice Finance
    Didn?t think it was an option39%34%
    Hadn't heard of it25%24%
    Heard it was expensive23%12%
    Wasn?t Offered14%27%
    Though it was last resort for failing companies0%4%

    The results above show that the issues are common between the two segments, new starts and high growth. Both are ideally suited to invoice finance as a method of funding their business but in both cases the majority either thought it wasn't an option for them (for a variety of reasons see my previous posts), hadn't heard of it or said that it wasn't offered to them as a product option.

    There is a huge opportunity here for the invoice finance industry.

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