• Deal Completed - Factoring For A Printing Company

    We were recently able to help a printing company that were struggling with their business cash flow. Their bank overdraft was no longer sufficient to meet their need for working capital and their debtor days (the time their customers take to pay) were increasing, in fact they had more than doubled placing additional strain on their cash flow.

    We were able to find them a factoring facility with a factoring company backed by a major bank. The factoring facility will release cash against their unpaid invoices immediately and give them the peace of mind with knowing that they have the factoring company's credit control staff chasing their unpaid sales invoices for them.

    Factoring companies can often achieve a better debt turn than their clients are able to achieve on their own. This is partly because factoring companies have dedicated, professional credit control teams and also because debtors often take a well know factoring company more seriously than a small company.

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