• 37% of Businesses Prefer Selective Invoice Finance

    With the emergence of a number of selective invoice finance facilities over recent years we wanted to find out what the market demand was for these types of facilities. Therefore we asked 100 randomly selected SMEs (very few were invoice finance users) the following question:

    "Would you expect businesses using invoice finance to prefer to receive funding against all their invoices or only invoices that they select?"

    63% of respondents thought that businesses would want funding against all their outstanding sales invoices (which is traditionally how the invoice finance market has operated and is called "whole turnover" invoice finance). However, 37% of respondents thought that businesses would want to select particular invoices against which to receive funding.

    This suggests that there is a clear niche for selective invoice finance (factoring and invoice discounting) although the majority seem to favour whole turnover style facilities which are more traditional within the industry. There seems to be a place for both whole turnover and selective facilities - if you need help finding either kind of facility please contact us.

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