• UK And Export Funding For Shopfitters.

    Funding arranged for shopfitters against UK and export sales.Shopfitting is a trade that we have recently been able to assist. We arranged a UK and Export funding facility for a UK shopfitting company that were involved with design, development and the project management of retail shop refits.

    Funding Shopfitters & Exports

    Funding shopfitters might have been a tricky trade for some invoice finance companies, it is very close to the construction sector in the way that it operates - and very few providers are able to help construction sector companies. This particular deal was additionally complicated as it involved both export sales (sales to overseas customers outside of the UK), and again not all funders can accept export sales. Even fewer funders are set up to deal with exports in a comprehensive manner i.e. not just funding against a pre-agreed maximum percentage of sales to foreign customers - without the language skills etc. to assist with collecting them.

    This is in addition to them more complex nature of their transactions i.e. not simple sell and forget "box shifting" that some providers favour. Design, development and project management activity is not something that all funders will be comfortable with funding - our expertise is in knowing who can help.

    Moving Away From Selective

    This particular customer had been using a selective invoice financing service, but they felt that they were not getting the service levels and quality of relationship that they wanted from the selective funder.

    When they felt they had needed support from their previous provider, they felt it had not been provided, and they wanted someone that would provide a closer relationship, and work together with them.

    Independent Invoice Finance Companies

    We were able to introduce them to an independent invoice finance company who are experienced at working closely with their customers. They are also able to finance both UK and export debts, meeting the customers need for cash flow finance.

    This case highlights that different facilities, and indeed different providers, suit different customers. For some customers a transactional, selective facility is the answer - whereas for others they want to leverage funding against all their invoices and maximise their working capital position.

    We work with customers that are looking for bank backed facilities, selective invoice funding and full debtor book funding from independent providers. We are able to assist with any of these requirements.

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