• How Can Anyone Deal With This Ongoing Brexit Uncertainty?

    With just a week to go Brexit Uncertainty continues.As Brexit continues to limp on, begging the question, how can any business cope with the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit?

    Brexit Uncertainty

    It is unbelievable to think that after several years of negotiation, with just over a week left to go until the date that the UK is set to crash out of the European Union, there is still no withdrawal agreement in place, no sign of a deal and the Prime Minister is off to Europe, yet again, to ask for a delay that is by no means guaranteed.

    Even the requested delay of a few months is in question, as indications are that EU will press for either a shorter delay, or a much longer delay.

    UK Economic Stability

    Regardless of your views about Brexit, the UK desperately need certainty so that businesses can get on with trading, rather than putting everything on hold whilst they wait for the outcome of these protracted negotiations.

    Funding Support

    If you are an exporter, exporting goods to the EU, it is unbelievable to think that you still have no clarity as to exactly how you would need to operate in just over a weeks time! Similarly, if you are importing goods from the EU, the same lack of clarity applies. UK businesses desperately need some certainty so that they can get on with the job of growing their businesses, confident that there is a stable economic environment.

    If you need assistance with the funding of either exports to the EU, or imports from the EU, to guard against any potential payment problems that may occur due to the issues surrounding Brexit, we are able to assist you. Please call Sean on 03330 113622.

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