• Need Quicker Payments From Your Suppliers

    Do you need to be paid quickly by your customers?Would you like to get paid quicker by your suppliers? We may be able to help.


    Quicker Payments Against Customer Invoices

    Trading on credit terms is often a prerequisite when quoting customers for the supply of your products or services. Standard UK trade credit payment terms on invoices tend to be 30 days. However, many companies take even longer to settle their credit accounts. This can leave you waiting to get paid by your debtors. This can place a strain on the cash reserves of a business that may need to pay for raw materials, staff and other expenses.

    Companies that are facing these types of cash flow pressures may benefit from a solution that can speed up the receipt of your payments.

    A Solution To Late Payments

    Whilst we would all like everyone to pay quickly, there is a need for a more pragmatic solution to late payments. Using some form of receivables financing can be one way to tackle the gap between supply and payment to get you paid faster. The provider may also be able to offer you an optional credit control service that can help accelerate the speed with which debtors pay.

    Financing Your Receivables

    We can help find you cash flow funding that will bridge the gap between you raising your sales invoices on credit terms, and getting paid by your customers. This type of funding can be provided by a receivables financing company. We can introduce you to a range of different providers.


    You will receive a prepayment, upfront, of the majority of the value of the invoice, with the balance paid when the customer pays (less a charge for using the service). You can receive this type of cash flow funding against all your sales invoices, or you can opt for a selective facility, where you pick and choose the invoices to have funded without any obligation to use the service again. This puts you in control of the amount of funding released, and the cost of the facility.

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