• Business Cash In Time For Christmas

    There's still time to get a pre-Christmas business cash flow injection.It's still not too late to get business finance in place in time for Christmas (just!) - but if you delay much longer the opportunity will have passed, until next year.


    Business Cash Injection Before Christmas?

    I posted the other day about how the Christmas period puts additional cash flow pressures on businesses, what with having to pay staff early, bonuses and a slow down in customer payments.

    Maybe you have been putting off applying for some additional business finance to see you through the holiday period? Lots of businesses, hang on waiting to see if those customer payments come in before the holiday season break, now is the time to get some contingency cover in place, in case your debtors let you down.

    Delaying Applying?

    If you have been putting off arranging some funding to see you through to next year, there is still (just about) time to get a facility in place, and have it paid out prior to the break. Don't wait any longer, because the window is about to close, and the next opportunity will be in the New Year!

    If you have been delaying applying for a facility, you could have a business cash injection, in your bank account, in about a weeks time. Our record (so far) is just 7 hours between application and payout, however that is not the norm. Typically you need to allow a few days, maybe a week to be on the safe side - so now we are calling "last orders" and it's the final opportunity to act, get your business cash flow sorted so that you can have some peace of mind over the holidays.

    There is not charge to get a quote, and you could sleep easier in the run up to Christmas having one less thing to worry about. Then you only have to think about the Christmas shopping, turkey, wrapping . . . etc.!

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