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    A list of all FundInvoice's social media channels.

    Social media is a key part of how we share our content here at FundInvoice. This includes research regarding the invoice finance sector, general articles about business finance, and related content that we write.


    Just about everything we post will have the hashtag: #fundinvoice so that it's easy to find our material. We have also used #IFaware to help raise awareness of our sector of the business funding industry. #invoicefinance is also commonly used in the majority of our posts.

    Social Media At FundInvoice

    For ease I have put together a list of all our social media channels, with links - please follow our feeds to keep up to date with our latest posts:


    Our Twitter feed is published daily by Glenn Blackman on Twitter.


    On LinkedIn we post to both Glenn's individual account: Glenn Blackman On LinkedIn and some posts are also shared to our company page which can be found here: FundInvoice On LinkedIn

    In addition to our own posts, we also manage and moderate the Invoice Finance Research Group on LinkedIn: The Invoice Finance Research Group on LinkedIn anyone can join the group and publish relevant material to that discussion group (provided it is research relating to the invoice finance sector) and comment on the material posted by others.


    On Facebook we have a company page: FundInvoice On Facebook,


    We have a Youtube channel: FundInvoice's YouTube Channel where we publish videos relating to the sector. We have a number of sort clips under the banner of "30 Seconds On Business Finance". These are all very short 30 seconds long videos, that explain various facets of the invoice finance industry.

    Some of our YouTube videos are also embedded within our website.


    Images and videos are published to Glenn's Instagram page: Glenn Blackman on Instagram.


    Pinterest is where we post images from our own posts and also others that we come across that are of interest to our sector: Pinterest.


    Some of our material is also posted to Tumblr: Tumblr.


    Read our articles which have been published on: Medium.


    Videos on Vimeo: Glenn Blackman on Vimeo

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