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    Explaining our factoring broker service.Our factoring broker service takes care of the hassle of finding a factoring company for you. We have knowledge of the market (backed up by a substantial research archive), and access to all the key providers. Therefore, we are well placed to introduce you to suitable partners that can provide what you need.


    Factoring Broker Service

    Factoring is just one type of invoice finance facility that we can help you find - it provides funding and a credit control outsourcing service. There are many alternative facilities on offer that allow you to add additional services e.g. payroll management, or to manage your sales ledger yourself (invoice discounting).

    I recently posted about our broker service, explaining how commission work (without us charging you anything), and what our customers have to say about our service. At the present time we have been rated 4.9* out of a possible 5 stars by our clients that have been kind enough as to provide a review.

    It is important to choose a good brokerage, I recently published a piece about some of the challenges involved with finding a factoring brokerage and establishing that a brokerage is independent, remains an important test. Whilst a broker with ties to particular organisations is not necessarily a bad thing, you need to understand any potential bias, in order to evaluate their recommendations.

    There are many benefits to using a service like ours, and some drawbacks if you choose to do it all yourself. We have seen examples of companies that have tried to take on the task themselves, and had poor results. There seems little point when you are not charged anything to use a service which typically can save clients an average of 31%* on quotes received from elsewhere.

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    General product guidance can be found in our free: Invoice Finance Guide.

    Notes: updated October 2019.

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