• Equipment Finance For UK Companies

    Equipment finance to help UK companies buy plant, machinery and equipment.

    Equipment finance for UK companies allows them to purchase plant, machinery or business equipment without having to make a significant capital outlay upfront. Instead, payments are spread over a long period of time to make them manageable or there are alternatives to asset ownership that can reduce the capital outlay.

    Equipment Finance For UK Companies

    This type of financing can enable a company to invest in plant, machinery or other types of equipment without having to pay for it immediately. In some cases, even if you have already purchased assets they can be financed retrospectively in order to release additional working capital back into your business.


    How Equipment Finance Works

    Equipment finance is a type of asset finance that works by spreading the payment for a purchase over a long period of time or allowing you to hire the equipment without incurring the outright purchase cost. You may have heard terms such as leasing and hire purchase. These are different forms of equipment finance

    • Leasing works by spreading the cost of the purchase over an extended period of time
    • Hire purchase works by avoiding the need to purchase the equipment and instead allowing you to hire it

    Which Assets Can Be Financed?

    These types of funding can be applied to a variety of different assets, including

    • Plant, machinery or equipment such as IT, PCs or servers and their installation.
    • Phone systems and other office equipment
    • Cars and commercial vehicles such as vans or HGVs and lorries
    • Contracted costs such as those for subscriptions or licences

    Selling Equipment?

    If you are an equipment seller, we can help arrange a blanket financing arrangement that you can offer to your customers. Providing customers with this type of financing arrangement can help increase the likelihood that they will buy from you.

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