• Hive Project Strike Deal With Gosocket Over Half Billion Of Blockchain Based Invoice Finance

    It was nice to be contacted by a representative of the Hive Project to advise, prior to general release, that they have struck a huge deal with Gosocket, to establish a joint invoice financing platform, in Q3 2018, based on their blockchain invoice finance technology.

    Hive Project & Gosocket

    They report that there are half a billion of eInvoices ready to be funded via this portal.

    Gosocket is a network that connects companies in Latin America through their sent and received E-Invoices.

    Blockchain is the mechanism that underpins cryptocurrencies but also has a growing number of other applications, including use by invoice financiers.

    There is a link on my Twitter feed to the article from the Hive Project if you would like to read all the details.

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