• Learn How To Finance A New Company.

    Learn how to raise finance for a new startup company.When you are starting a new company, raising finance to get your venture off of the ground is very important. If you need to learn how to raise that startup finance our free online startup guide will help.

    Guide To SME Startup Funding

    Within our Startups Guide, we have a section dedicated to "Business Startups Guide To Funding". This identifies the wide variety of different methods of funding a new startup. However, the guide is also realistic in that it sets out how difficult it can be to get to grips with the variety of different offerings. The internet can also be a very confusing way to try and access finance, as there are so many competing interests trying to grab their share of the users searching - often accidentally attracting users that they will not be able to help.


    SME Leaning Space

    I recently participated in the BCR Publishing - Alternative & Receivables Financing Forum, as one of the panelists. One of the issues that came out of the forum was just how complicated UK business funding is, and the need for spaces where SMEs could learn about the various forms of finance available to them, in order to decide which would best suit their funding needs. That is why I put together our guide mentioned above, to help SMEs learn about the funding landscape - away from the distraction of all the competing interests you will find on the internet.

    The good news is that there is a simple way of raising finance that is open to new startup companies, without a trading history.

    Startup Invoice Finance

    One of the forms of finance that is freely available to new startup companies is invoice finance (also called factoring and invoice discounting). This uses your outstanding invoices to overcome the need for other security such as property and assets. My recent article explains how this type of funding is available to startups, from a number of different providers.

    I have also put together specific guidance for the recruitment sector, on how you can fund a recruitment startup.

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