• 52% Of Maximum Growth High Growth Companies Use Invoice Finance

    That might read like a strange title but let me explain!

    In our study of high growth companies (20%+ growth pa) we identified 79% that said that with more funding they could grow even faster. That leaves 21% that said that they couldn't increase their growth rate even with more funding. We analysed that 21% of "maximum growth" businesses and we found that 52% of them used invoice finance to fund their businesses.

    The normal distribution of invoice finance users is less than 1%, we estimate that about 0.7% of businesses generally use invoice finance. However, 12% of high growth (20%+ pa) businesses said they used invoice finance and now we find that 52% of "maximum growth" businesses use invoice finance. This demonstrates how appropriate invoice finance such as factoring and invoice discounting can be to meeting the finance needs of high growth companies.

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