• Construction Sector Businesses Still Haven't Heard Of Finance Against Uncertified Applications For Payment

    Following our recent #constructionfinance survey of 100 construction sector businesses I have started to analyse the results a little more deeply.

    Of the total, 75% raise applications for payment (rather than invoices) and so I focused on just this group. Of those that raise applications for payment:

    • 79% see the need to raise finance over the next year

    • 69% also say they would benefit from payments against uncertified applications for payment

    • 45% also say that they have not had a quote for such a funding product

    • Of the 45% that could be suitable prospects for construction finance, 79% had never heard of such a funding product!

    The numbers may seem complicated but it boils down to a significant volume of construction sector businesses that have a need for funding but have never heard of funding against uncertified applications for payment - a product that is available from several providers within the invoice finance market place.

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