• Combination Funding More Adequate Than Single Source For Fast Growth

    Building on our analysis of the responses of high growth businesses about their funding options, I reported previously that 30% used combination funding methods rather than a single source.

    Correlating the use of combination funding with their ability to raise all the finance that was required, 63% of those using combination funding methods were able to raise all the finance that they needed to support their fast growing business. This contrasts with just 31% of high growth businesses using single funding sources being able to raise all the finance they need i.e. twice as many users of combination funding methods could raise all the money they needed.

    A spread of funding options seems to be more successful in meeting the funding needs of high growth businesses, with twice as many businesses reporting that they have been able to raise sufficient funding.

    Source: High Growth Survey 2013 (100 respondents with 20%+ turnover growth pa).

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