• Roundtable Discussion

    I have been invited to attend a round table discussion regarding "Big Opportunities for Business Growth".

    I have also put forward the following question should there be time to address it:


    Our recent survey of 100 businesses showed that:

    • 20% thought it would actually be harder to qualify for invoice finance than an overdraft!
      73% though it would be equally difficult and;
      Only 7% thought it would be easier to qualify for invoice finance than an overdraft

    In previous of our surveys:

    • 42% were unable to name even one invoice finance company and;
    • 31% though so few businesses used invoice finance as it had not been promoted enough and/or businesses had not hear of it


    In view of the lack of access to funding that UK businesses continually report, how can the low level of awareness and understanding of invoice finance best be addressed to give those businesses access to this freely available source of business finance?

    I look forward to the debate!

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