• New Invoice Finance Offer From Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance

    Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance have a new invoice finance offer available.

    A new invoice finance offer is available to new customers of Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance. This could be withdrawn at any time so please act now if it is of interest to you.

    Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Offer

    The offer from Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance is as follows. They are offering invoice financing facilities with the following terms for new customers:

    • Service charge is free for the first month.

    • 1% over bank base rate until 31/03/2021.

    • Zero arrangement fee.

    • Terms & conditions apply.

    What a great offer to anyone that is considering moving to a bank owned invoice financier, or anyone that is new to the receivables financing product set.

    If you would like to know more either call Sean on 03330 113622 or 


    Invoice Finance

    Factoring and invoice discounting facilities are both types of invoice finance. These facilities give companies prepayments against their sales invoices, raised to other businesses, on credit terms. This means they no longer have to wait for customers to pay before being able to use the cash that was tied up in their sales ledger.

    This type of finance can give your cash flow a significant boost. If you have a sales ledger of numerous unpaid invoices, the prepayments against all of them could add up to a substantial amount of additional working capital.

    As your turnover increases, so the prepayments increase in line with your growth. In this way, the amount of working capital made available keeps pace with the growth and expansion of you business. This is why invoice financing is very popular amongst fast growing businesses.

    There are always a number of special offers that are available within the invoice finance sector. We would be happy to update you on the range of options that are available to your company. Just call us on 03330 113622 to discuss the available offers.

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