• Please Resend Your Contact Requests

    FundInvoice website issues - please resend contact forms.


    If you have sent us a recent contact request PLEASE RESEND IT as we have not been receiving phone numbers!

    Specifically these include (without giving away too many details) call back requests from:

    • Fred
    • Samantha
    • Holly

    Website Issue

    A few days ago we updated our website so that customers would confirm acceptance of our standard Terms and Conditions before they sent us a contact request or business finance application. This change was implemented and seemed to be working fine.

    Yesterday I received the latest of several contact request forms, without a phone number. People sometimes send hoax applications so I hadn't given them a second thought. Then I realised that the "call me back" form was not transmitting the phone number. We have received several requests for calls with just the person's name and something about the facility that they are looking for - no contact details. This issue only seems to affect the call back form, not any of our application forms - which have operated properly.

    Please Resend Your Contact Request

    Anyway, the bug has already been fixed, but I have not yet been able to track down the recent contact requests that we have received. If you sent one - PLEASE RESEND IT.


    We can only apologise for the delay but we very much hope that you will get in touch with us again. Feel free to call Sean on: 03330 113622 for help. It is very frustrating when these issues arise as we pride ourselves on responding quickly to our customers and as a small business in difficult times we value each and every enquiry.

    Further Information: If you are looking for more information about invoice finance, factoring and other forms of business finance please get in touch and we will guide you through the process, in the meantime please see our free: Business Finance Information Pack.

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