• Marketinvoice Rebrands As MarketFinance

    Marketinvoice has rebranded as MarketFinanceMarketinvoice, the fintech invoice finance and business loan provider, has rebranded as MarketFinance (MF). Their recently updated logo has been adapted to reflect the new name.

    Marketinvoice Rebrands As MarketFinance

    MARKETINVOICE LIMITED, company number 7330525, has changed its name and rebranded to MARKETFINANCE LIMITED.

    Since its inception in 2011, as a selective invoice finance provider, the firm has expanded its product range to include:

    • Whole ledger invoice finance offerings.
    • Business loans.

    Therefore, they feel that this new name better reflects the range of finance products that they are able to offer. Invoice finance can release up to £1M, loans up to £250K (rising to £500K in the coming months) and larger businesses can access up to £5M as a combination of invoice finance and loan funding.

    Although Marketinvoice originally started out offering an auction based selective invoice finance model, their FAQ suggests that the majority of selective invoice finance transactions, and all whole ledger invoice finance services are now sold at prices set according to the MF pricing model. In recent times, MarketFinance have partnered with Barclays (amongst others) in order to offer their funding services to Barclays customers.


    I note that their marketinvoice.com site now redirects to marketfinance.com. Whilst there are methods of redirecting traffic to a new domain name, it can have an impact on your search rankings when you switch from one domain to another. Hopefully the huge amount that they did to build up the previous brand name will not be severely affected.

    It wasn't long ago, November 2017 (I think), when MF refreshed their branding - but at that stage retained the original name. When they did that I remember thinking I can understand the reluctance to change the actual name due the amount of amendments that required e.g. web domains etc. as mentioned above. However, it would seem that a couple of years on they have decided to make the change to the name. Clearly it is a much better fit with the range of products that they offer, more than just the invoice finance.

    These are the new brand logos, the first:

    MarketFinance the first new logo.  

    and the second:

    The second MarketInvoice logo.

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