• Top Review For FundInvoice Invoice Finance Brokerage From IT Procurement Specialists

    FundInvoice invoice finance brokerage top rated by IT procurement specilalistsAnother great review from another client who appreciated the impartial nature of the invoice finance brokerage service that we offer.

    FundInvoice Invoice Finance Brokerage Service

    The FundInvoice invoice finance brokerage service was recently used by an firm of IT procurement specialists who gave us the top, 5 star rating and had this to say about our service:

    "Many thanks to Sean for all his help in setting up our invoice finance agreement. Going into the process, with very little understanding of the different types of invoice finance, I was dubious to go directly to finance companies who may attempt to sell me the product that is best for them, and not necessarily best for our business.

    As FundInvoice are fully impartial I could utilise their expertise to get the best invoice finance agreement for our business. I am confident we have made the correct choice and I look forward to dealing with Sean, and FundInvoice, again in the future as our businesses finance needs change."

    Director - IT Procurement Specialists (Ref: 8666)

    Impartial Service

    As this review demonstrates our invoice finance quote search service is completely independent and impartial. We don't have any shares in any invoice finance companies, we don't provide other services to them and we receive roughly (and deliberately) similar commissions from them. If you are thinking of using another broker service you should ask the following questions:

    1. Does your group or your Directors own any shares in any of the finance companies?

    2. Does your group provide any other services to any of the finance companies? 

    If either answer is a "yes", its probably wise to understand exactly what the situation is so that you can decide if they are likely to have any kind of bias.

    We pride ourselves on not having any bias, enabling us to give completely independent advice to our customers.

    It is also worth checking that the brokerage deals with a good cross section of factoring companies. If they only deal with one or two, as many firms of accountants told us they did in a survey we conducted, you might not be getting the best access to the marketplace that you could.

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