• Assaulted on the train yesterday

    Yesterday I was kindly invited by Bibby financial services to a charity dinner in London, with Sir Ian Botham and Geoff Miller as guest speakers (which was excellent by the way).

    On the way back Sean and I caught the train at London Bridge, and due to signal failure the platform was changed, and the train was very overcrowded. So I went past three or four doors before I could see any space to get on. Sean and I were separated, and as I stepped into the train, a young man, in his early 20's with, what I would guess was an Eastern European accent, put both hands on my chest and shoved me out of the carriage door back onto the platform! It was so unexpected, it took me completely by surprise.

    I got back into the carriage and asked why he did it, "because you pushed me" he said. I replied that if I had bumped into him it was an accident, for which I apologise, but what he did was deliberate (technically assault, although I didn't mention that, and it's obviously extremely dangerous to push someone out of a train).

    I got back into the carriage and decided to teach him a lesson. A young lady was trying to get into the carriage, after me, so I moved back, made room for her, and said to him "someone wants to get in, so we move back and make room for her". Then another lady wanted to get in, so again I made room for her and said "again, we move back and let her on - that's how we do things here". By this point the young man that pushed me, had turned to face the wall in the corner. How fitting I thought.

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