• June 2019 FundingVoice Magazine Now Available

    The May 2019 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available online.FundingVoice the June 2019 edition of magazine is now available online.

    You can see the new edition here: FundingVoice June 2019 - Invoice Fraud Warning.

    June 2019 FundingVoice - Invoice Fraud Warning

    The June 2019 edition includes a warning about a new type of invoice fraud that could affect any business, but invoice funders in particular.

    We also have details of how payment days are rising in the construction sector, and how manufacturers are finding it harder to get the funding they want.

    This edition includes a breakdown of the sectors that are using receivables financing, and what can happen if you miss out the step of using a broker.

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    If you would like to contribute a relevant and unique article, to a future edition of the magazine, please get in contact with us on 03330 113622. FundingVoice is emailed out to a substantial database of subscribers, in addition to the content being hosted on our website.

    We are able to include direct response links for any providers that contribute articles. This means that prospects can respond direct to you, via our site, without the prospect being introduced to other competitors.

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