• February 2019 FundingVoice Magazine Now Online

    The February 2019 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now online, with single invoice finance prices and growth strategies.The February 2019 edition of FundingVoice magazine, our invoice finance, business funding and growth e-magazine, is now online to read for free.

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    The February 2019 edition includes articles about:

    • The price of single invoice finance, and the comparisons between different providers.
    • Growth strategies that you could use in your business.
    • How to save on your credit control costs.
    • Alternative to pay and bill funding services, for recruiters.
    • Ban on assignment law change.
    • 2 funders that are exiting the UK market.

    You will find a link to all the back issues of FundingVoice magazine here including this particular edition.

    Looking at the readership statistics during the day or so since publication, there has been an increase in the number of readers clicking through to our articles this month. It is the article about growth strategies that you could use in your own business, that has attracted the biggest interest, followed closely by the article about the price of single invoice finance.

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