• April 2019 FundingVoice Magazine Now Online.

    The April 2019 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available online.The April 2019 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available online.

    You can see it in our catalogue of back issues of our invoice finance, and business funding magazine.

    April 2019 FundingVoice - Our Personal Service

    The April 2019 edition includes detail of the personal service that we offer our customers, in stark contrast to the "comparison site" approach favoured by a number of our competitors. The reviews given by our customers support our decision to operate in this way.

    We also have the results of the 2019 BMF Awards for the Best Invoice Finance Company, and the best service levels. This could be a useful part of the decision making process for anyone trying to differentiate between providers.

    This edition includes case studies around body shop car crash funding and construction invoice finance, as well as our article on how to avoid invoice fraud. This is an important read to for any business that is worried about the cyber attacks that have increasingly hit the headlines in recent days.

    Lastly, there is a piece on what to do if you have fallen out with your existing lender. Rather than see all providers as similar, appreciate the significant differences in approach between alternative lenders.

    To make sure you receive future copies each month, direct to your inbox, please subscribe for free.

    Do You Have A Unique Article To Contribute?

    If you would like to contribute a relevant and unique article, to a future edition of the magazine, please get in contact with us on 03330 113622. FundingVoice is emailed out to a substantial database of subscribers, in addition to the content being hosted on our website.

    We are able to include direct response links for any providers that contribute articles. This means that prospects can respond direct to you, via our site, without the prospect being introduced to other competitors.

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