• Populous World Joins The FundInvoice Funding Panel

    Populous World, the blockchain based invoice finance company, have joined the FundInvoice panel of funders.Populous World, the blockchain based invoice finance company, have joined the FundInvoice panel of funders.

    Populous World - Invoice Finance

    You can now request funding support from Populous via our phone, or web based quote search service.


    Last year, Populous reportedly completed the first blockchain based invoice financing transaction. There has been a lot of online comment regarding the possible applications of blockchain to fields, such as supply chain transaction management.

    Populous are able to finance invoices selectively, or on a whole sales ledger basis. Transactions need to be of £1K and upwards. Their funding is provided on an invoice discounting style basis, so you retain control of the credit control activity - and customers will be unaware of the funders involvement.

    Funding can be provided in respect of both UK based customers, and export sales to customers based abroad.

    The delivery of the funding is very quick, onboarding of new customers can be completed in as little as 24 hours following initial contact.

    Blockchain And Receivables Financing

    There has been a lot of interest in how to apply this technology to a variety of fields. Populous have been groundbreaking in adopting this approach, and promoting the benefits of using blockchain to control a number of administrative aspects of funding against sales transactions.

    We have several articles on our site regarding Populous, and the general application of blockchain technology to receivables financing:

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