• Partnership Invoice Finance Joins UK Finance

    Partnership Invoice Finance have recently joined UK Finance, the trade association for the finance and banking industry. Great news for customers as this means that members agree to abide by a code of conduct that provides peace of mind to customers of members.

    Partnership Invoice Finance are an independent invoice finance company that are focused on delivering a high quality, flexible personal service to their customers.

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    Invoice Financing Services

    Partnership deal with the full range of businesses from startups through to established businesses. They offer the following services:

    • Disclosed Invoice Discounting - prepayments against your sales invoices and you are able to retain control of your credit control process. There is no monthly reconciliation process for your to worry about.

    • Recourse Factoring - in addition to prepayments, you receive a full credit control service so that you do not have to undertake this process yourself. You also receive online system remote access to your ledger and control account to keep up to date with progress.

    • Confidential Invoice Discounting - you receive prepayments against your invoices but your invoices do not bear any notice of the arrangement with Partnership, so customers are unaware of their involvement. You retain control of your sales ledger management and credit control. Whilst many companies will only offer this type of facility to large companies, Partnership will consider smaller companies for confidential invoice discounting.#

    They also offer a combined payroll management service, and they will provide funding to construction sector companies.

    UK Finance Members

    Partnership are recent new members of UK Finance, the trade association for the finance and banking industry that now encompasses what was previously the Asset Based Finance Association. This means that they are bound by their code of conduct, and you have access to a full Ombudsman process.

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