• Invoice Finance Client Updates

    Delighted to receive monthly client updates from one invoice finance company.

    One invoice finance company have just delighted us again with another very simple idea. We received an email this morning with a new monthly update on the clients that we have on with them. What a great idea - it saves us having to contact them regularly to find out how clients are getting on.

    Monthly Invoice Finance Client Updates

    Its a simple yet brilliant idea, short monthly invoice finance client updates for introducers to let them know how their clients are getting on. If only everyone did it!

    We like to keep in touch with both funders and clients to ensure that everything is going smoothly for them. If a problem does arise, we can sometimes be instrumental in resolving it for the benefit of all parties. In the past we have helped existing customers overcome situations such as:

    • Funding problems.
    • Administration issues.
    • Trading changes.

    In the past we have had a number of cases where we have learned of an issue either from the client, or worse still after the customer had been lost by the invoice finance comapny. At that point, the broker has no chance to try and help retain the client for the funder, or help solve the problem.

    It would be great to see more funders put something similar in place.

    Moving Invoice Finance Companies

    Switching between providers is always the very last option for a customer. However, if a client gets to the point that they want to move invoice finance companies (or rarely the funder wants them to find an alternative and tries to manage them away), there are of course plenty of alternative options available. We have put together a helpful: Free Guide To Moving Invoice Finance Companies. That gives some guidance about the process. We are always happy to help any company that are having problems and want to look at alternative options.

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