• Confidential Factoring and Invoice Discounting

    Recently we have been in contact with a small printing business that have been considering factoring (to release the cash tied up in their invoices for working capital) but they are concerned about any adverse effects if their customers were aware that they were using an invoice factoring service.

    There are a number of solutions available. "Confidential Invoice Discounting" could be the answer if the business wants to maintain it's own credit control function but increasingly, with the deterioration in the state of the economy this is becoming a larger task for many businesses. It is possible through a little known service called "Confidential Factoring" to access funding against your sales invoices in addition to a debt collection service (credit control) that is carried out by the factoring company but entirely in the name of your business. So when they send out statements or letters they will be on your letterhead and when they telephone customers they will call in the name of your business.

    This is a truly outsourced credit control function that reduces the time required to chase your own outstanding sales invoices.

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