• Invoice Finance Against Sales To Serco For Call Centre Staff

    Invoice finance for call centre staff invoices to Serco Limited.

    We have been helping a client find invoice finance against their invoices to Serco Limited, in respect of call centre staff to support the Covid-19 crisis. Recruitment of temporary staff to support such work is in demand at present. We have been able to introduce them to an invoice finance company that is happy to fund these types of invoices.


    Invoice finance is available to companies that offer credit terms to other businesses that they sell to. It provides prepayments against your invoices, so that you don't have to wait for customers to pay, before you can use that cash. This can significantly improve your company's cash flow. The funder can also provide credit control services as an option, if you wish.

    Invoice Finance Against Invoices To Serco Limited

    Serco was founded in 1929, originally Service Company which was changed to Serco Limited in 1987. The company has been listed on the UK stock exchange since 1988. They are involved with a wide range of activities all connected to the delivery of essential public services.

    They have 50,000 people involved with sectors such defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen service across 4 areas: UK and Europe; North America; Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

    Call Centres For Covid-19

    This particular enquiry related to the provision of call centre staff for use in respect of government contracts, which related to the management of the current coronavirus outbreak. Whist this is one small part of Serco's activities, it is in demand at present as it forms a critical part of the Government's response to the virus outbreak.

    Funding Invoices To Serco

    If you are invoicing Serco Ltd, and you could benefit from being able to access the majority of the value of those invoices immediately, we can connect you with an invoice finance company that is happy to provide funding against such invoices. Please call Sean on: 03330 113622 for assistance.

    More information about: How Invoice Finance Works.

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