• Free Confidential Advice About Business Problems

    If you are having business problems, you might feel that you would benefit from a free discussion, with an expert, in confidence. You could benefit from free help from external parties that may be able to support you.

    There maybe a variety of different business problems that you are experiencing, but some of the common ones may be a lack of sales, poor cash flow or potential insolvency. In each situation, we can either help you ourselves, or we have connections with organisations that will be able to assist.

    Lack Of Sales

    If your issue is over a lack of sales, or an inability to find new customers, we have a partner arrangement with a full-service marketing agency that are able to come up with a marketing plan for your company, that they will implement. This plan will be targeted at finding new customers for your company. The marketing agency are very happy to have a confidential discussion with you about exactly what you need. They do not charge for this conversation and you have no obligation to go any further. They have just had such a meeting with one of our customers, and during that meeting they came up with a change to the business strategy of the company that could lead to a significant improvement in their trading position


    You may have concerns over the solvency position of your company. This could be a situation where you owe money to creditors, including HMRC, and you may be wondering how you can go forward or save your business. We are able to introduce you to advisors that have expertise in the field of business turnaround. If there is a way of saving your company they will help you to find it. In the first instance, they will be happy to have a completely confidential conversation with you, without making any charge. They will be able to discuss the options available to either turn around your company or they will explain any insolvency procedures that may be appropriate.

    Insolvency procedures could include placing your company into Administration on a temporary basis, or liquidation if there is no possibility of salvaging the business. However, in the first instance they will be able to look at turnaround options that may be able to save your company.

    Cash Flow Problems

    We have the expertise to help you solve your cash flow problems. We provide a free quotation search and advice service to find you quotes for cash flow financing solutions such as invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting. We are also able to help you find other forms of business finance such as loans. Once again, we do not charge you for a consultation, and anything you say will be treated in complete confidence. Our service is also completely independent, so we can objectively advise you about the various options that are available.

    Whatever the nature of your problem, call Sean on 03330 113622 for a friendly chat in confidence.

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