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    This Is Exactly The Problem Invoice Finance Solves

    Whilst at an event the other evening, I met somebody that ran their own specialist clothing manufacturing company.They started telling me about how they were raising a small amount of finance for their business, via a crowdfunding site, but that there was a more significant problem that faced businesses like theirs, in the clothing sector.They went on to explain that one of the big biggest...

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    Are Late Payments Getting Later?

    Is the culture of late payments getting worse in the UK?I read a recent piece in Business Money (09/12/19), relating to research undertaken by MarketFinance. The research is based on their analysis of 100,000 invoices which were paid between 2013 and 2019 - an interesting way of identifying changes in payment culture.According to the article, the typical time to receive payment, following...

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    Confirmed - Kier Suspended From The Prompt Payment Code

    Others may have also been surprised to see that Kier are not shown on the Prompt Payment Code suspension list (as at the time of writing), despite media reports that they have been suspended for late payments. The PPC have just confirmed to me that Kier will be added to the suspension list later today/tomorrow.According to a report in theconstructionindex.com (04/11/19), Kier, Seddon Construction...

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