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    How Can Anyone Deal With This Ongoing Brexit Uncertainty?

    As Brexit continues to limp on, begging the question, how can any business cope with the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit?It is unbelievable to think that after several years of negotiation, with just over a week left to go until the date that the UK is set to crash out of the European Union, there is still no withdrawal agreement in place, no sign of a deal and the Prime Minister is off to Europe,...

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    EU Firms Plan To Make UK Firms Foot The Bill For Late Deliveries Due To Brexit

    Brexit looms ever nearer, and we still have no certainty around what is going to happen. Will the Prime Ministers deal finally make it through Parliament? Or will Brexit be delayed? Or will we leave with the widely dreaded "no-deal" exit? No one has any idea and we now have less than 3 weeks to go until the planned exit date of 29th March! However, recent news reports suggest that UK exporters...

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