August 2017

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    Is It A Good Time To Enter The Recruitment Business?

    Is it a good time to enter the recruitment business? We can't make the decision for you but here are a few facts and figures that might help you in making your decision about starting a temporary staff agency.OK, so the level of economic growth predicted for the UK has just been slightly adjusted down, however the economy is still predicted to grow - which means more production, hence more...

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    Late Payments Expected In The Construction Sector

    Construction companies are bracing themselves for a wave of late payments, as a result of the uncertainty around Brexit and the UK economy.Our recent late payment study found that the construction sector was one of the industry segments expecting to be worst hit as a result of Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union in March 2019). The extended timescale with the proposed exit is an issue in...

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    Tungsten Network Finance - Should The Invoice Finance Sector Watch Out?

    I was intrigued to read Motley Fool's post (15/08/17) about Tungsten Corporation PLC (and their recently launched invoice financing service), which said it was firmly on their list of stocks to avoid. I had heard about the Tungsten Network Early Payment product in the recent past as they had added this invoice financing option onto their supplier payment system. This, on the face of it, sounds...

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    Asset Cash Release - Up to 120% Funding

    Top up finance with an advance rate of up to 120% of your sale ledger?We have just had notification from one of our of our panel of invoice finance companies that they can now offer total ABL funding of up to 120% of the value of your sales ledger.They have just launched Asset Cash Release, and ABL (asset based lending) solution which can top up the amount of finance that customers can access....

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    Populous Invoice Finance Using Blockchain Cryptocurrency

    A new invoice finance company called Populous has just raised money to pilot its invoice finance platform that uses Blockchain cryptocurrency in support of an invoice financing model, according to an article in read the 21 page white paper on the Populous site, with some interest, to understand what the benefits might be.In essence there seem to be 3 key points to draw from this...

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    PNB Paribas Moves Into Invoice Financing - Again?

    I have just read an article in Finextra, dated just 2 hours ago, titled "BNP Paribas Moves Into Invoice Financing". It made me think for a moment, because I was sure that they were already active in the invoice finance arena - and sure enough they are on our list of invoice finance companies. The article goes on to talk about the launch of their new system, FINSY, a digital solution to allow...

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    The Benefits Of Using A Trade Finance Broker

    We have just seen a real example of the benefits of using a trade finance broker, in action.We had a trade finance enquiry recently, from a company that were looking for a trade finance facility in order to fund imports to the UK.Initially, the company used one of the direct contact forms on our site, to request a quote direct from one of our panel of trade finance companies. So by using this...

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    Another 5 Star Review For FundInvoice

    FundInvoice has just received another 5 star review from a customer that we helped find a factoring facility last year. Good news because it shows that they are still happy with what we found for them.This was the comment that was left about FundInvoice, in addition to rating our service with 5 stars, the maximum possible:"Sean was very helpful when we were looking to move our factoring...

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    Selective Invoice Finance Price

    This is an example of a selective invoice finance price that we found for a customer recently.With this particular client, they already had a recourse factoring facility, but they wanted to take over handling the collections (credit control) themselves. Some companies prefer to handle the credit control themselves, others choose to outsource the function.They also only had a very small borrowing...

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    Credit Control Agency

    One of the credit control agencies that we work with have been able to provide some first class credit control support to one of our clients, who needed help getting their unpaid invoices collected in. The agency took over the collection of the invoices from customers and they have improved the speed with with they are paid, reducing our client's debt turn. So they have a good track record of...

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    Lender Of Last Resort

    Is being called a "lender of last resort" such a bad thing?The term could be defined as a financier that is called upon only when the borrower can't get finance anywhere else. Often they are considered the last resort because either the terms are onerous or the price is higher than the norm.Back when I was working for factoring companies in the 80s and early 90s, there was a definite aversion to...

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