July 2017

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    DueCourse In Administration

    DueCourse Limited  have apparently gone into Administration. according to FinExtra the invoice financing fintech platform raised £6.5 million of funding, but have since gone into Administration.A quick search at Companies House reveals that the company DueCourse Ltd, registration number 09205274 went into administration on 14 July 2017.The company filed accounts to September 2016 that showed a...

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    Bundled Fee For Textiles Business

    Curious situation with a client at the moment.The client is a textiles importer and we have found them an invoice finance facility with one of the leading invoice financing companies, to deliver much needed cash flow. They are also very keen on achieving the best rates available.They wanted a single fee structure, often referred to as a "bundled fee" within the industry. Normally the charges are...

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    Construction Financing For Contractors

    We are trying to raise awareness of construction financing for contractors which is a little known form of finance available to UK subcontractors in the construction sector. Any help you can give us by sharing our post about this is much appreciated.We researched the need for this type of gap funding. Three quarters of sub-contractors that we polled that raised applications for payment, 85% of...

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    Recruitment RPO Narrow Profit Margins

    We help find recruitment invoice finance for a lot of UK companies within the recruitment sector, so we are very familiar with the issues that they can face when dealing with RPOs, not least of which is how to source services such as finance when they have very narrow profit margins, that are being continually squeezed.When I worked at Barclays, in their factoring division, we never came across...

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    Compare A Loan With Factoring

    The number of finance businesses that just send out their email marketing to all and sundry, without any opt in is staggering. It is not just small businesses, we get inundated with multiple email communications, to every email address, from but high profile names that you will be very familiar with - and that should know better than to send unsolicited emails.I have just had another email from...

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    Half Price Bad Debt Protection

    I have seen several speculative articles recently suggesting that the economy may be heading for a further downtown. Whether this is the case or not, time will tell.Bad debt protection is something that you might want to think about when you have any concerns over whether your customers will continue to be able to pay you, particularly if trading conditions do get tougher. One of our funding...

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    MarketInvoice Pro Now Handles Euros & US Dollars

    MarketInvoice PRO, the new whole turnover invoice finance offering from Europe's largest peer-to-peer invoice finance platform, was lauched in February 2017. It has already been upgraded to be able to handle currency invoices in addition to invoices in Sterling (GBP).MarketInvoice PRO is now able to handle the following currency invoices:Making it even more flexible.If you would like more...

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    Increase Overdraft

    "Please increase overdraft" - it sounds like a desperate plea to your bank manager!Many UK businesses use this kind of traditional bank finance, our high growth business research found fast growth businesses relying on loans (43%) and overdrafts (31%). We also found that 44% of startups that used loans or overdraft told us that they had less funding than they needed for their business.The...

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    5 Secrets About Getting Construction Finance

    The construction sector has been notoriously difficult to finance due to the the many issues that tend to come as part and parcel of working within the sector. These are problems such as stage payments, raising applications for payment instead of invoices, having complicated contracts with main contractors, to mention but a few.There are a number of financiers that are specialists in funding the...

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    Engineering Consultants One-Off Spot Factoring

    If you just need funding for a single order, or for a single batch of invoices, you can get spot factoring for just that, on a one-off basis.We recently helped an firm of engineering consultants get one off spot factoring. The company had been able to finance their own cash flow, but they had the opportunity to take on a large order from a customer. There would not have been able to fund this...

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    5 Tips If You Only Have One Customer

    Most businesses start with one customer, however remaining reliant on just one customer can have serious consequences, which I detailed in my recent blog post "Help with invoice finance prime debtor problems". Whilst the problem is particularly problematic if you are using factoring or invoice discounting, the risks to your business also apply if you don't use this type of funding.The...

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