June 2017

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    Medical Reports Invoice Finance With Extended Recourse Periods

    A sector that should be ideally suited to the use of invoice finance to improve cash flow is the medical reports production associated with litigation cases. For example these could be medical reports in support of road traffic accident disputes, personal injury claims or medical negligence claims. Whilst few invoice finance companies will handle this sector, we can provide access to those that...

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    Corporate Rescue Alternative To Insolvency

    If you are searching for help with corporate rescue you might be interested in an alternative option to raise money, that does not involve insolvency.If your business is being overwhelmed with debt that you owe, you may have been considering options like speaking to an insolvency practitioner about various forms of insolvency such as Administration, receivership, Creditors Voluntary Arrangements...

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    Testimonial As Invoice Finance Stops Recruiter Closing Down Business

    Its always nice when we get testimonials, this was one that we received regarding a client, a recruiter, who said that our assistance stopped them closing down their business.Recruitment finance is one of the areas that we tend to specialise in, as the number of staff agencies using invoice finance is approximately 20 times the national average.This was the comment given by one of the Directors...

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    Help With Invoice Finance Prime Debtor Problems

    If you have one single customer, or perhaps just a handful of customers, it can cause you problems with your invoice finance facility.Some factoring companies like to restrict funding in respect of prime debtors (the biggest customer balances on your sales ledger). This can lead to all sorts of cash flow problems for the client. We have helped with many situations where a prime debtor restriction...

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    Factoring Clients Change Invoice Finance Companies More Often

    The majority of invoice financing users are happy with their current provider, we found that 98% were prepared to recommend their existing provider, which speaks volumes to the general level of satisfaction amongst companies already using these working capital enhancing products.However, there are always a few clients that want to change invoice finance companies, often they are looking to...

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    Selective Invoice Finance Fast

    This is an example of just how we can get selective invoice finance fast for a client - we can ensure a fast turnaround for you if you need help quickly.In this particular case we were contacted by a car repair body shop that was looking for a selective invoice finance facility. They contacted us on a Sunday, we introduced one of our funding partners, that specialises in car body repair shops, on...

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    Recruiters Using Invoice Finance Have Less Late Payment Concerns

    Recruiters that use invoice finance have fewer issues with customers paying late.In our study of the attitudes of East Sussex & Kent based recruiters to late payments problems and the use of various finance options, we previously reported that 52% of the recruitment companies that we surveyed told us that they wanted to see late payments by customers improve.Further analysis of the results of our...

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    Business Finance With Bad Credit

    Getting business finance with bad credit whether its your company that has a bad credit history, or you personally, appears to be a concern for a number of businesses.I recently read an article online about how to improve the credit rating of your business, clearly production of the article had been prompted by a need that the authors had identified for companies with bad credit to raise...

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